October 27, 2011

Baker & McKenzie, meet MacKenzies’ Bakery

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Like leading international law firms, but also like cake? Then you might have your work cut out deciding your next career move.

On the one hand, there’s Baker & McKenzie, the firm that ‘defined the global law firm in the 20th century, and [is] redefining it to meet the challenges of the global economy in the 21st.’

And on the other, slightly floury hand, there’s MacKenzie’s Bakery, the Kalamazoo-based retailer that makes ‘delicately rich butter cookies, hearty oat and fruit scones, sophisticated biscotti, saucer-sized chewy cookies, sugar crispies as big as your head, and happily-decorated large sugar cookies cut into clever shapes often inspired by seasonal themes.’

Bakers is once again the strongest global law firm brand in the Sharplegal® Global Elite Brand Index. Why? According to Bakers Supremo Eduardo Leite, it’s because ‘we have been defined and driven by the needs of our clients, and have brought to them an increasingly valuable global perspective and a decidedly commercial and innovative problem-solving approach.’

And if that’s the kind of strategy that butters your scone, you can find some piping hot jobs with Bakers in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing here.

But don’t give up on the Kalamazoo namesakes just yet. They’re keeping pace. In terms of being client driven, they can create all your ‘fried-cake and raised-dough favourites’ to order. Their valuable global perspective includes baking croissants to an original French recipe. And their innovative problem-solving approach includes new products such as peanut butter pie, pumpkin friedcakes and rye bread replete with tangy saurkraut. AB




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