Unprofessionals in Law

November 27, 2011

What’s the worst place for a drunk lawyer to crash a car?

The Wayland Public Services Building Photo: Colantonio














Regular readers of this publication will know the affection we have for obscure Michigan towns. After all, we’ve only just taken you to Kalamazoo, home of that delectable nameshake, MacKenzie’s Bakery.

Now we’re off to the Wolverine State again, this time to say hello to the lakeside town of Wayland. Last Sunday night, Wayland police were called out to where local lawyer Deborah J. Downs had crashed her car into a drainage ditch.

Ms Downs insists she had not been drinking prior to the incident, but as reported in the local Metrowest Daily News, she refused to take any sobriety tests or a breathalyzer, was carrying a Diet Coke bottle filled with what ‘smelled like liquor’, and actually thought she was in Newton, a town several miles away on the other side of Battle Creek.

Most damaging of all was the fact that she crashed the car after skidding through the parking lot of the police station.

Ms Downs, who did not turn up for her hearing, is at the time of writing being sought by the authorities.

As for the ditch in the parking lot, one can only assume that police are looking into it, etc. etc. AB



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