Unprofessionals in Law

January 3, 2012

Chicago attorney fired after hula-dancing and ‘exposing breast implants’

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Flicking through the Daily Mail the other day, the epilogue found a rather worrying story about an attorney in the mid West. Tamara Tanzillo, 52, is accused of various charges including exposing her breasts to co-workers and coming to work drunk on a number of occasions.

The following is quoted directly from the Mail.

In one of the earliest accusations ‘in or about July’ of 2007, Ms Tanzillo is accused of arriving to her Springfield office building, slurring her words, smelling strongly of alcohol and identifying herself, or in the report’s reference the ‘Respondent,’ repeatedly as the ‘Boss Lady’ to the guard for admittance.

‘The guard escorted Respondent into the building where Respondent began doing a hula dance in the elevator,’ the report states. ‘Respondent left the office later that morning.’

In a following event that year, ‘at an after-hours event for the opening of the Chicago office of two lobbyists, Respondent was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and fell to the floor screaming, then ran outside into traffic.’

Ms Tanzillo seems to be unworried by Chicago’s reputation as a windy city.

‘In February 2008, at approximately 5:30-6:00am, Respondent called the guard of her Springfield office building and stated that she was unclothed in a car outside and further stated that she required something to wrap around her in order to enter the building.

‘A while later, two women brought Respondent a coat to cover herself, and all three entered the building, with Respondent wearing the coat wrapped around her, covering her head and face,’ the report further accuses.

On the subject of her breasts, Ms Tanzillo’s law blog records why the augmentation was required. ‘I looked at myself in every angle possible. Was I dreaming? Was the lighting bad? The touch test confirmed my worst fears. My right girl was down.’ The result of the enhancement was reportedly shared openly with fellow employees in a tavern close to their workplace. And in terms of assisting her sociability, the new girls seem to have done the trick.

‘On January 6, 2009, at approximately 1:30 a.m., Respondent appeared at her Springfield office building dressed in sleepwear and barefoot, escorted by a man.

‘Respondent requested a master key from the guard, proceeded upstairs to the executive offices, and then returned the key to the guard at the main entrance. Respondent and the man entered the elevator hugging and kissing.

‘Respondent and her companion left the office at about 6:30 a.m.’

The Mail article can be read in all its glory here. AB

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