Confusing as a Chinese puzzle

February 29, 2012

Befuddlements of rival firms, Zhonglun W&D and Zhong Lun

The Epilogue was intrigued to read last week about the movement of Chinese law firm Zhonglun W&D’s entire London office to Chinese law firm Zhong Lun’s new London office. Now that’s a conundrum.

Stay with us here. Zhonglun W&D (the one with the existing London office) used to be part of Zhong Lun (the one with the new London office) until it broke away in 2003. It [that is, Zhonglun W&D, not Zhong Lun] subsequently became the first Chinese firm to open offices in the UK.

But it would appear that the split was less that amicable, and former partner Zhong Lun still seems have a bit of a chip on its shoulder after luring away the firm’s [now just to be clear, that is Zhonglun W&D not Zhong Lun] three partners – d Xue Haibin, Li Lin Na, and Emily Wang – four associates and two administrative staff.

Now’s that’s what we call a Chinese puzzle. KM

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