February 7, 2012

Welcome to Allen Aviary, where exotic and beautiful creatures can find a home

Photo: Thinkstock

Next time business takes you to Irving, Texas, why not call in at the Allen Aviary? According to a listing on a site for interested parties, they ‘breed Hyacinths, blue throats, major mitchells, queens, rosebreasted, w/b caiques, yellowshoulders & panama amazons. Large selection of macaws, mini macaws, cockitoos, greys. and other african birds.’

Precisely what these avian items are, The Epilogue hesitates to suggest. Certainly, it once came across a video with the words ‘blue’ and ‘throat’ in the title, but as proceedings are still ongoing, it might be best to leave the reference there.

But how might these names be used as descriptors for legal types? Major Mitchells are presumably time-served partners. Yellowshoulders are earnest young men who work all night without even a thought for their personal appearance, and could do with being told about anti-dandruff shampoo. Macaws are the brash, preeny types who bleat out the same ideas over and over, whilst mini macaws are their graduate proteges who repeat everything again, albeit at a marginally lower volume.

You might consider Allen & Overy itself to be a paradise, and with good reason. It’s extremely glamorous and colourful, with a wingspan covering 38 offices in 26 countries. If you’d like to find a perch at A&O, you can see what’s on the table here.

The bird table, that is. Don’t want you to think that we couldn’t extend the analogy. AB




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