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February 7, 2012

Suit up. We’re off to the Big Apple

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I know what you’re thinking. Not another US legal double-act. Where do they all keep coming from? Well, in this case, New York.

So far, so different from the usual sunshine-bathed, LA law shows. But what does Suits tell us about the legal world in NYC?

Cheating’s rife

After being forced to drop out of college and abandon his dreams of becoming a lawyer, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), has decided to use his talents to earn money by taking the law school entrance exams (LSATs) for other people. I’m not entirely sure what message that sends out about the US law school system, but moving swiftly on…

Law qualifications are optional

Despite having passed the LSATs for other people countless times, it seems that it never occurred to Mr Ross that he should actually pass them himself. As it turns out, that doesn’t matter, because the self-confessed genius, with such a spectacular memory he could give Derren Brown a run for his money,  literally stumbles into a job at Pearson Hardman. You know. One of New York’s top law firms.

Arrogance always wins

We all know a little self-confidence goes a long way. But Mike’s new boss, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) has it by the bucket full. And, judging by his recent promotion to Senior Partner, it seems that arrogance (plus a sharp suit and some obligatory rule-bending) pays off. No wonder hard-working rival Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is just a tad bitter.

Hmm. So maybe that picture’s not looking great. But if we wanted real life surely we’d watch a documentary like ‘A lawyer walks into a bar.’

Actually, hang on. Now that does sound quite funny. KM

Suits is currently being aired on Tuesdays at 9pm on Dave

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