Solicitor caught using clown-size shoes to smuggle stuff into prison

Solicitor Ritesh Brahmbhatt faces jail this week after being caught smuggling drugs and mobile phones to prison inmates in clown-sized shoes that were at least three sizes too big for him.

Mr Brahmbhatt bought the size 12 shoes from specialist plus-size menswear store High and Mighty to smuggle in cannabis and meow meow, as well as mobile phones and even some electronic scales.

Co-conspirators in the smuggling ring included Brahmbhatt’s clients and Pentonville prisoners David Sterling and Desmond Brown who sold the items to other inmates. Over six months, the gang earned nearly £20,000 through their black market trade.

Rather than the giveaway being that Mr Brahmbhatt was walking with all the gainliness of Bambi in concrete slippers, the smuggling racket was eventually brought to an end after prison officer Lucy McLaren became suspicious of the high number of visits Mr Brahmbhatt was making to Sterling.

In any case, business must have been good for Brahmbhatt, because he decided to treat himself to a second pair of the oversized black, metal-buckled slip-ons. Or perhaps these were for his new career in the circus. KM

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