March 6, 2012

Double breasted, not litigation, suits at Berwin & Berwin

Photo: Baumler

In the dog-eat-dog world of law, appearance matters. And international law firm SJ Berwin’s sleek and crisp web site is just one sign that they’re on top of their game. With customer satisfaction a top priority, they’ve an enviable client list, as well as a formidable reputation, etc. etc.

Not unlike their nameshake Berwin & Berwin. One of Europe’s largest suit producers, Berwin & Berwin is an international firm based in Leeds but with global ambitions. To quote their home page,

Berwin & Berwin is one of Europe’s largest suit producers, with it’s own sites in Hungary, operations in Longkou City, China, and offices in London, Leeds and Budapest.

It offers quality products and impeccable customer service to big-name brands such as Paul Costelloe, Baumler and Lambretta, who apparently don’t care that B&B don’t know the difference between a possessive apostrophe and a flat-felled seam.

Which Berwin has the most hunks wandering around in sharp threads sporting designer stubble? Despite what the tailoring business’s web site suggests, we strongly suspect it’ll be those dynamic chaps over at Queen Street Place.

Want to join a Berwin, but forgot to train as a master tailor? See what role might suit you (had to be done) over at SJB. KM

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