Fourteen fired at Florida law firm for wearing orange clothing

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Direct from our ‘Only In America…’ department comes news of a particularly unlikely staffing decision taken by the head honchos of Deerfield Beach law firm of Elizabeth R. Wellborn P.A.

According to that unequalled source of trivia, Mail Online, the firm has fired fourteen employees simply because they didn’t like the colour of their shirts.

It seems that the ex-employees were in the habit of wearing orange shirts every Friday pay-day, because they enjoyed looking alike when they went out drinking cocktails after work. ‘Orange happens to be my favourite colour. My patio is orange. My lipstick was orange today,’ said Janice Doble, 50, an admistrative supervisor at the firm who got the boot for daring to wear the colour made notorious by Guantanemo, Northern Ireland and easyJet.

However, the branch’s new management were convinced that these shirts were being worn as a symbol of protest, and called all the offenders into a room and promptly fired them all. This, of course, being Florida, employment regulations are considerably laxer than they are elsewhere, with both employers and employees able to break arrangements without liability.

Quite what the management thought the fourteen were protesting about is as yet unreported. We’d like to think that it was something to do with the unavailability of Chewits in the staff canteen, or excessive quantities of spray tan used by the senior partner, but that would be pure speculation. AB

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