Unprofessionals in Law

March 7, 2012

Trust me, I’m a beautiful doctor – perhaps

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News from across the pond has reached The Epilogue this week that one of Massachusetts’ ‘most beautiful lawyers’ has been suspended after lying about having a medical degree.

Susan Friery, who appeared in the most beautiful lawyer poll and calendar in 2009 (and no, that’s a real one, not something invented by Roll-on-Friday) convinced her New York law firm Kreindler and Kreindler that she was a fully qualified doctor, despite only qualifying as, ahem, a mortuary technician.

So far, so Suits meets Six Feet Under.

Ms Friery, who joined the firm as an associate in 1993, told bosses that she had graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. And according to an article for a webpage for top managers called ‘Positions and Promotions’, not only had Ms Friery graduated in the top one per cent of her class, but she also had special training and experience in forensic pathology and had worked at numerous New York hospitals.

Well, if you’re going to lie, you might as well make it a good one.

Given that she had been with the firm for 18 years, it’s a wonder that the little matter of Ms Friery’s degree certificate never came up, particularly since she was one of only 2,500 dual-qualified doctor-lawyers in the States.

Perhaps the firm’s bosses were just so blinded by her beauty that they decided it wasn’t possible she could be telling porkies. And more to the point, who’s going to produce a comparable survey over here, an irony-free alternative to RoF’s Glamorous Solicitors? KM

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