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April 30, 2012

Solicitors supporting student shirt scheme

Photo: Morrisons Solicitors LLP

Surrey-based Morrisons Solicitors is supporting the Young Enterprise company programme again this year. And this time, they’re getting shirty.

As many of you might remember from your own school days, Young Enterprise encourages teams from schools and colleges across Europe to set up their own business for the duration of a school year.

Members of staff from Morrisons’ Wimbledon office have taken on the role of Business Advisors to a group of AS-level students from local Raynes Park High School. The students are developing a company called QuickZip which offers a versatile alternative to that corporate staple, the shirt.

According to Morrisons, these shirts are well worth collaring.

The QuickZip shirt is an innovative product providing a convenient and stylish way of life. The shirt is aimed at students and young professionals of either gender who require versatility in their day-to-day lives which other clothing products cannot rival. These fitted shirts are made from 100% cotton so as not to compromise quality and come in a number of colours.

Each shirt is a ‘three in one’ comprising a formal shirt, t-shirt and a hooded-top, for formal and informal purposes. Switching between the types is quick and easy; it is, believe it or not, done by zipping and unzipping.

If you’re in need of wardrobe-related versatility, you can find the innovative whippersnappers already trading on Ebay.

If on the other hand you’re interested in a firm that takes its community seriously, check out Morrisons on Professionals in Law. KM


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