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April 10, 2012

LA ‘Probate’ guy launches celeb gossip site

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While most of us are happy to keep up with the latest celeb news with furtive glances at the Mail Online (come on, admit it, there’s a reason why it’s the world’s biggest newspaper website), one LA lawyer has gone a step further. He’s using his blog site Crazy Days and Nights — or CDaN, as it’s known among fans – to actually spread the dirt himself.

Over the last week Mr Crazy Days, or ‘Enty’ as his online username would have it, has reported that Celine Dion singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ makes Kate Winslet want to vomitMegan Fox has ‘transformed’ into a pregnant person (see what we did there?) and that, um, Lara Flynn Boyle’s face is melting. He’s also made one or two very interesting but unsubstantiated claims about an actor one supposes to be a star of The Hunger Games.

Harmless, you may think. But Enty is causing quite a stir in Hollywood circles with his tales of adultery, theft and (gasp!) blackmail. Being the savvy lawyer that he is, Enty is careful to never name names in these ‘blind posts’ – but he does drop enough clues for you to make an educated guess.

As with all good rumour-mongers, Mr Crazy Days plays his own cards close to his chest, portraying himself as an obese, thrice-divorced entertainment lawyer who lives in his parents’ basement and hob-nobs with the stars. Investigations by the New York Post, however, would suggest that life for the pot-stirrer is a little less glamorous. They claim he’s a 43-year-old wills and probate lawyer.

And as this week’s Oh No They Didn’t! points out, his stories are actually about as reliable as a French breast implant:

It all indicates that Hollywood and the media have been punked — duped by a soft-spoken probate lawyer with delusions of grandeur. And he’s only getting bolder, accusing aging and dead stars of a rape, murder, pedophilia. So, why hasn’t he been sued yet?
Hmm. Well, if you can’t live out your fantasies online, where can you? KM


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