Law graduate passes himself off as barrister with ‘itchy’ wig

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There’s no getting around it. Becoming a barrister takes dedication and years of hard work. But for one impatient law graduate, passing the bar seems to have been an optional extra.

Marious Pimm (his actual name, and not lifted from Dickens, as one might suspect) decided he had learned enough about the law during his three years at Lincoln University to be able to set up shop as a barrister – oh, and a solicitor – in his local pub.

Regulars at The Boat in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire were offered a whole range of legal services from family law to insolvency advice. During his time “in practice”, Pimm, 42, allegedly took £4,000 from a local plumber for providing bankruptcy support, and a further £1,343 for providing legal representation in a divorce case.

When selling his wares, the wannabe legal eagle managed to side-step the trivial issue of qualifications with some smooth talking and convincing quips about barristers wigs being ‘itchy’.

We’re not sure Pimm is the best advertisement for Lincoln University – where, incidentally, he won a 2:2 – but at least he was consistent in his Mitty-esque fantasies. According to Michael Magee, prosecuting at Peterborough Crown Court, Pimm had lied about his qualifications not just to the pub but to his partner at home, too. KM

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