Unprofessionals in Law

May 16, 2012

Global citizen Mr Little lands himself in big trouble

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The Epilogue receives news from across the pond of yet more dodgy dealings. A German-born, British lawyer living part-time on Long Island (how cosmopolitan is that?) has been arrested for helping to obscure $10 million from the beady eyes of the IRS.

The lawyer in question is a Michael Little, a 61-year-old from Hampshire who has spent the last ten years advising the family of late multi-millionaire Harry Seggerman (no, us neither, but apparently he was an ex-Vice Chairman of Fidelity Investments) on hiding millions of dollars in Swiss Bank accounts.

Mr Little, allegedly defrauded the IRS by telling family members to sneak money in and out of the country in bite-sized pieces through traveller’s cheques. He also allegedly helped disguise money transfers as transactions relating to artwork and jewellery.

According to the Guardian, the family and Little dreamed up a new language with which to disguise their activities:

To hide communications, members of the Seggerman family used code works in which “small” was used to refer to Michael Little, “beef” meant money, “lbs” meant $1,000 and “FDA” referenced the IRS, the government said.

Which brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘Where’s the beef?’

After his arrest last week, Mr Little had to pay a hefty $2 million bail and has been given a fetching electronic monitoring bracelet to wear. KM

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