Unprofessionals in Law

June 26, 2012

Attorneys accused of framing PTA President for drug possession

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Two married Californian attorneys – Kent and Jill Easter – were arrested last week for allegedly planting a bag of drugs in the car of the President of the PTA of the school to which their son belongs.

Kent Wycliffe Easter – which  to us sounds like a Mystery Murder Weekend in Tunbridge Wells – visited the home of Kelli Peters and placed Vicodin, Percocet, marijuana and a used marijuana pipe behind the front seat of her unlocked car. Later that day, as reported in the Daily Mail,

… Kent Easter assumed a fake name and phone number and reported to police that he was a ‘concerned parent who had witnessed an erratic driver park at the elementary school,’ officials said.

He identified Mrs Peters by name, claimed he witnessed her shoving a bag of drugs into her car and even read out her license plate.

The feud is understood to be a result of Mrs Peter’s alleged mistreatment of the Easter’s son, in particular an incident in which she locked the son out of the school during a tennis lesson, or something.

Kent Easter is apparently an attorney at Newport Beach firm Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, which prides itself on helping you ‘find a solution to your dispute’ and believes in ‘forming relationships’.

Jill Easter has apparently written a book on ‘the perfect crime’ under the pseudonym Ava Bjork.

It remains to be seen if she does ‘av’ a berk for a husband – but if convicted, both will face a total of three years in the CA slammer. AB

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