In it up to his plums

July 13, 2012

Worcestershire solicitor plumps for ‘Pied Piper of Plums’ position

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Ever wondered what to do when your community’s plum crop – and the basis of a local festival – looks set to fail due to inclement weather?

Yep – call your local branch of Quality Solictors and have a word with one of the partners, who’ll endeavour to charm them with a penny whistle.

As Mail Online reports this week, Paul Johnson of Quality Solicitors Thomson and Bancks is helping out the local community of Pershore, Worcestershire, by becoming their local Plum Charmer.

His duties are straightforward – he uses music to charm the plums in the trees, helping them develop superior consistencies (the recent rain has battered them rather awfully, it transpires) and generally increasing their morale, which has recently been plumbing the depths.

The purpose is allegedly to increase the crop quality in advance of the Pershore Plum Festival, which is on now. The Festival includes Plum Coach Tours, which offer a drop-off at ‘a traditional farm shop… where you can experience the true taste of the countryside with everything plummy’.

Mr Johnson, whose listing on the QS site identifies him as a community-spirited individual who has served as a school governor and a director of a local charity, understands that his career side-line is not necessarily what one would expect from a solicitor.

‘I know people think lawyers are stuffy and not game for anything,’ he told the Mail. ‘But everyone in this town cares about plums and we want to save the plums and this year’s Plum Festival.’

The Epilogue wonders if success in his labours might merit Mr Johnson a Victoria Cross. AB

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