But hairdressers struggle more than lawyers, claims DFS

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According to a recent survey by sofa floggers and ad break cloggers DFS, nearly half of us are finding it harder to relax than we did a year ago.

Furthermore, on average we spend 14.5 minutes every day whining about work when we get home. That means that we’re spending 106 days of our lives moaning about office life – even more (170 days) if you’re from North East England.

Lawyers, however, are not the biggest complainers. That particular status belongs to hairdressers, followed by chefs and nurses.

Christine Stoddart of DFS said, with her tongue hopefully firmly in her cheek:

With work and money pressures mounting for the average family, the living room, and the sofa in particular, have become absolutely vital to the wellbeing of the nation. Whatever job you do, from hairdresser to lawyer, the importance of that “Ahh” moment, when you finally get to relax into your evening and switch off, cannot be underestimated.

In an unpredictable narrative twist, the DFS survey claimed that lounging on a sofa was ‘the most popular way to de-stress’ after work.

Forthcoming research from the Cannabis Marketing Commission and the Association of Left-handed Websites is not expected to present similar results. AB

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