Unprofessionals in Law

September 17, 2012

US stalking lawyer charged with, ahem, stalking and extortion

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Sasha C. Intriago, who specialises in stalking and domestic violence cases, has herself been arrested for – you guessed it – stalking and extortion.

Ms Intriago, from Hackensack, New Jersey, found herself looking for tips from her clients after her boyfriend of two years, a married man and a lawyer himself, ended their relationship.

The jilted Intriago was keen to have her pound of flesh, demanding jewellery and other lavish gifts, as well as large sums of money, in exchange for her silence about their affair.

“When the demands, which were made in person and electronically, recently escalated to include large sums of money, the victim notified law enforcement,” Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli told the Cliffview Pilot.

Intriago was apparently arrested at her firm, Koulikourdis and Associates.

In a bizarre twist to this sordid affair, the married ex admitted in court that he published a number of pornographic videos of Intriago on YouTube, took out 300 magazine subscriptions in her name and posted her phone number on a blog.

What a gent – we can see why she found it so hard to let him go. KM

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