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October 18, 2012

US firm Mellen says ‘You’re hired!’, Apprentice-style

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Ever wanted to experience the excitement of a reality TV show, and land a job in one of California’s top bank-bashing law firms? Then Mellen Law in San Mateo has just the opportunity for you.

As reported in People Management, Mellen placed an advertisement on classifieds site Craigslist earlier this month . The ad asks job applicants to make themselves available for up to two weeks, eight hours a day, to undergo a series of daily ‘tasks’. As with Lord Sugar’s and Donald Trump’s TV shows, each day or ‘episode’ will see one unlucky applicant having their ass booted out, in this case presumably onto Highway 101.

None-too-shabbily, each applicant is paid twenty dollars per hour.

The ad lists as an ‘additional requirement’, ‘the desire to sue banks’. Specifically:

We sue banks! That is the motto of the Mellen Law Firm. We have filed over 200 civil litigations in the last three years against every banking institution operating in California. We litigate foreclosure-related disputes for the homeowner. The experiences of this firm have revealed that the banking industry operates like organized crime — without ethics, morals or concern for the law. We wage a constant war upon this injustice. If you are sympathetic to banks this is very much the wrong place for you.

And in terms of the process:

Each day the candidate with the weakest work product will be cut until one candidate remains. This process will take one or two weeks until the final candidate is offered on-going employment. If you have seen reality television shows where contestants are cut from episode to episode such as Top Chef, Top Shot or Project Runway — it will be like this. Do you have what it takes to be Top Associate?

 Above The Law reports that firm principal Matt Mellen has twice been suspended from practice, once for non-payment of bar fees and once for drink-driving.

We wonder if this tactic is likely to transfer to the UK. How could firms this side of the pond brand their hiring drives in a reality-stylee?

Lovell’s Island? Allen & Over The Rainbow? Pets Berwin Prizes?

OK, we’re stopping now. AB

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