Unprofessionals in Law

November 12, 2012

Dallas lawyer’s spray-painting cock-up

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Proof that some lawyers just never grow up this week, after attorney Tom Corea was arrested for spray-painting penises on his former office’s walls.

The day before, Corea had been evicted from the office for non-payment of rent. According to the Dallas News:

When the president of the real estate company that represents the building, Doug Molny, showed up the next day to check out the property, he found “complete destruction,” including “penis graffiti on every single wall throughout the building,” Molny said.

Written next to some of the penises was the name Doug. Molny said it appeared someone took a sledgehammer to granite counters. Doors, light fixtures, cabinets and appliances were destroyed or removed.

There was feces and urine on the floor, Molny said.

Prosecutor Jacob Harris presented photos of some of the damage, including a derogatory message directed at an Arizona judge who found him in contempt of court in an unrelated case. The message included the judge’s name and a phone number with a 505 area code.

But before you start to empathize with the financially-challenged lawyer, best to bear in mind that he was charged with stealing money from at least four clients earlier this year.

And it seems that even the solemn surroundings of a court room can’t shake the child from within the errant lawyer. Corea was ordered by Judge Mike Snipes to ‘refrain from making faces at the witness’ during the testimony of the prosecution’s witness. KM

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