Unprofessionals in Law

January 17, 2013

I fought the law, and the law debarred me

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Three might well have lost its magic for one Floyd Edmond Webb III, of Rhode Island. After passing the bar exam on his third attempt, he was denied admission after it came out that he had been less than honest about his criminal record.

His denial led to an appeal hearing where the full extent of his non-disclosure became apparent. In three separate incidents, on top of other earlier arrests and violations, Mr. Webb had waxed a little lyrical in the face of police.

In 1999, in an argument over a road race, he had been charged with disorderly conduct after informing an officer that he was a ‘f***king idiot’.

In 2004, he struck again after being stopped by state police for speeding. After the trooper apparently took too long to return with his ticket, Mr. Webb phoned 911 to complain.

Both policemen recalled at the hearing that he had been ‘belligerent’. Mr. Webb denied making such a statement and claimed the fact that he had called both the officers ‘losers’ was merely ‘coincidence’.

In 2006 – now attending law school – Webb was arrested for a string of misdemeanours including resisting arrest over a bizarre altercation resulting from him tying his dogs to the door of a bank.

Officers at the scene untied his animals telling him that they were obstructing the doors. The police documents record that he had ‘a few choice words’ for the officers by way of reply. The report leaves it up to the imagination as to what followed, saying only that the situation ‘deteriorated’ from there.

The 51-year-old, in a surprise to none but himself, had his appeal denied by the state Supreme Court who stated that he lacked “candor and sincerity” for masking the crimes and that his admission had been blocked on the grounds of failing to prove “good moral character”.

Mr. Webb condemned the ruling as “clearly wrong”. JL

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