Are you a sales tiger, or a sales sloth? Our quiz has the answers

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We’re all required to be salespeople these days. But just how good are you at flogging stuff? Are you a silver tongued-devil, or something who couldn’t sell a client a bucket of water if their office was on fire? Now’s the time to find out.


1. In what sense do you ‘know’ your best client?

a) Professionally

b) Socially

c) Biblically


2. You’re off to see a prospect. What do you pack into your briefcase?

a) Your firm’s brochure

b) A bespoke report on the prospect’s business, including any threats presented by their competitors and substitutes

c) A bulging brown paper envelope


3. You’re at a posh networking event. What’s your strategy?

a) Wait quietly in the corner. No-one likes lawyers who are pushy

b) Work out in advance who you’d like to meet and subtly engineer an introduction through a third party

c) Spike the drinks of a few choice GCs, then take incriminating photos when they start undressing each other or vomiting over the sommelier


4. PowerPoint is…

a) A presentation programme you use all the time

b) A presentation programme you use sparingly, and never as a substitute for projecting your own personality

c) Something you and your prospect plug your massage equipment into


5. Complete the following statement. ‘Cross —– is a great way to strengthen firm/client ties.’

a) -word solving

b) -selling

c) -dressing


How did you score?

Mostly As

Frankly, you’re useless. You’re more likely to grow a hernia than a business. Better concentrate your efforts on less important activities, such as practicing law and meeting your billings targets.

Mostly Bs

Not bad. Your problem is following the traditional routes, rather than thinking outside of the sales box and running innovations up the commercial flagpole in order to make the consumer salute. Maybe try a little harder if you want to land those outlandish sales bonuses?

Mostly Cs

Congratulations! You really know your business (development). Watch out, Eskimos – this guy/gal’s about to sell you a whole lot more ice.  AB

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