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May 22, 2013

Three jobs that will make you want to dump London

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London. The greatest place on earth – as long as you don’t want to buy a detached house, have an outdoor lifestyle or get change out of seventy-five pounds for a coffee and a ham sandwich.

Actually, now we’ve come to think about it, London’s rubbish. You should leave.

Probably for one of these out-of-this world out-of-town jobs that won’t drive you out of your mind with boredom.

First off, Taylor Wessing is looking for a Corporate Technology Associate (NQ) in Cambridge. The city is famous for having the second-best university in the country, and also notable for being adjacent to the A14 and having a population that spends more per head on takeaway meals than any other town or city in the UK. Average price of a detached house: a quite weighty £670,145.

Next, Thomas Eggar is after a Solicitor (Private Client) to work in Newbury. Newbury residents past and present include Richard Adams (Watership Down is nearby), Michael Bond (of Paddington Bear fame), and Sebastian Faulks. And Bruno Brooks. Average price of a detached house: a more reasonable £466,520.

Finally, RPC is in need of a General Liability/Medical Law Associate to work in Bristol. In 2008, Bristol was awarded the “Best City In The UK And Ireland” award by the Academy of Urbanism. It’s also the home of JK Rowling, Cary Grant, the ten-gallon hat and Blackbeard the Pirate. Average price of a detached house: a measly £401,146. AB

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