Your solicitor boyfriend?

August 29, 2013

What’s good enough for barristers is good enough for us, says The Survivalist

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So unless your holiday was a digital detox in a concrete bunker on Uranus, you’ll already be well aware of the blabfest that followed the launch of the Tumblr account, ‘Your Barrister Boyfriend’.

Oh? You did miss it? Then here goes. Briefly (haha), the blog details all the hottest young hunks at the Bar, all of whom seem to have benefited from lavish public school education, sporting careers that would shame all but Olympians and whom the Great God of Genetics has blessed with the quirky smiles, tight buns and lithe frames beloved by Men’s Health.

Not that YBB is porn. Far from it. Well, not that far. In fact it’s kind of Matchmaker Porn – and no, I’m not talking about the mysteriously addictive retro chocolate sticks spiked with orange sugar chips which get stuck in your fillings. It does seem that the two women who set it up, an art historian and writer, and a journalist (natch) are firm believers that the Perfect Man is out there. And his name is Matthew. Or Daniel. Or Rupert or Rory. Luckily no Quentins, Tarquins, Jonquils or Gideons yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

The average YBB smoothie isn’t just advocating his way to a quick silk, oh no. He has climbed Everest, rescued orphans from a burning school, can beat Big Blue at chess, does 400 sit-ups every morning and moisturises regularly, usually just before sending flowers to his dear old mum.

Soliciting requests

Now, the Survivalist couldn’t help thinking where is ‘Your Solicitor Boyfriend’? Ah, you see. You were thinking that too.

A rival site whose name I couldn’t possibly mention but has something in common with the Crunchie ads and a mid-market restaurant popular for leaving do’s, does have a ‘Glamorous Solicitor’ bit, but its oxymoronic title kind of says it all. They might have dubbed it Monsters’ Ball.

Well, the Survivalist reckons that’s a pretty poor show, so would like to hear from you, dear reader, about hot solicitors. We’ll stick to the boys for the moment – YBB is just about to launch a bit dedicated to the females at the Bar, but the last time the Survivalist was in a major law firm there were plenty of delightful young women in evidence, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

So come on, pony up the hunks and the Survivalist’s support team will concoct a Tumblr to beat the Bar!

Stay frosty. TS

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