Bail to ball scam

September 19, 2013

Defence lawyer Ja-makin’ court appearance after attempted lottery raid

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We’re sure a lot of our readers succumb to the purchase of a lottery ticket (or two) now and then. But have any of them attempted to commit a lucrative lottery scam, defrauding innocent victims of a good buck?

Just across the pond, we know a certain lawyer who has. Meet Dionne Maylor-Reid, an ex-judge from Westmoreland, Jamaica who has managed to take time out from her day job – being a defence lawyer – to get involved with such a ruse.

Anti-corruption officers from the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Task Force on the Caribbean island have found vital documents known as “lead lists” at the lawyer’s office, which contain personal information enabling the execution of transnational lottery scams.

Using the personal details collated in these lists, con artists are able to make unsolicited calls to victims, explaining that “You have won!” a large sum of money, but must pay fees or taxes to claim the prize. Alarm bells may start to ring when you are unable to recall buying a lottery ticket.

To add insult to injury, Jamaican police claim that they also seized an illegal firearm and ammunition from Maylor-Reid’s home. This defence lawyer certainly comes prepared.

Maylor-Reid’s lawyer Lambert Johnson has commented that the former resident magistrate is, in fact, innocent, contending that his client has been set up by someone hoping to cripple her reputation. Following a habeas corpus application, Maylor-Reid was freed on bail of $2,000, two days after her arrest alongside three of her employees.

Now that’s a counterproductive lottery ticket, if there ever was one. KH

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