Killer lawyers on the loose

October 16, 2013

Phew, what a month it’s been for legal badsters

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Perhaps it’s all the hard work and long hours. Perhaps it’s just a few wrong ‘uns spoiling it for everyone else. Perhaps it’s the beginning of that End Of Times malarkey. We’re not sure what’s causing it, but there seems to be a spate of naughtiness occurring in the world of law.

First, we’ve got a murder on our hands. In a tale that sounds like the plot of a Bollywood movie, a spurned lawyer in Bangalore has had love rival murdered by seven killers who arrived at – and left  - the scene by tuk-tuk.

Advocate S. Shivaprasad, 25, was arrested for paying to have P.J. Deepak, 35, who worked for a private firm, murdered by a group of contract killers. He was arrested after Deepak’s wife revealed she had rejected former classmate Shivaprasad’s marriage proposal and married Deepak instead earlier in the year.

The seven men reportedly travelled (by said tuk-tuk) to Deepak’s office in Banashankari on September 16th, having followed him for several days. On finding their victim on his way home, they hacked him to death in the street.

R. Lokesh, gang leader of the alleged killers, agreed to the plan when Shivaprasad promised to help him with an earlier double murder case dating back to 2008, according to official sources.

Lokesh is said to have paid his co-conspirators Rs. 300 each (about £3) in advance. He himself was paid Rs. 10,000 (that’s around £100).

Messrs. Shivaprasad, Lokesh et al. are now in police custody.

Merciless in Mingo

Meanwhile, over in West Virginia, USA, a judge has been arrested for framing a love rival and rigging a grand jury.

According to the FBI statement about the case, Mingo’s sole Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury is said to have set his sights on his secretary in 2008, but the lady in question called a halt to the relationship after a few months. Not one to take quite everything lying down, Thornsbury plotted his revenge.

He was arrested this August, after his secretary’s husband found himself in an awful (and probably bewildering) lot of bother, reported to include attempts to plant drugs in his pickup truck, a State Trooper filing a bogus complaint against him and assault and battery charges. Eventually the poor man faced a grand jury led by – surprise, surprise – one of Thornsbury’s business associates.

Now the judge’s plotting has been discovered, an investigation into the tangled web of corruption in Mingo is ongoing.

Arnold’s Culture and Anarchy

And finally, closer to home,  solicitor Gareth Arnold, from Cardiff, has found himself in jail after stealing over £200,000 from his clients (including one suffering brain damage). Swansea Crown Court was told that he spent the money trying to impress his girlfriend. No word on whether it worked.

Some might say these naughty, naughty legal types are committing crimes to keep their friends in gainful employment, but we couldn’t possibly comment on that. KW

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