The Festive Fifty

December 10, 2013

Fifty fiendish quiz questions that might ruin your Christmas

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Whose logo?

1.                                                                                2.

3.                                                                                4.

5.                                                                                6.





What connects:

7. Griffiths, Stanley, Rogerson, Gilg?
8. The star of Xena, Casaubon’s cousin, a dance troupe from BGT 2009, a Californian golf company?
9. Norton Rose, Lawrence Graham, Bond Dickinson, Red Bull?
10. Mishcon de Reya, Lewis Silkin, Baker & McKenzie, Mills & Reeve, Withers, Browne Jacobson?

Merry Cryptmas:

All are Top 100 UK-based firms.

11. Afterwards, in a golf course (10)
12. Gymnast – short – takes on bird (7)
13. Quiet old city’s seen in a street (7)
14. Blackpool FC? (4&2)
15. Scotsman taking distant roads (11)
16. Spy – and one who sounds like his player (4,6)
17. How to get pareses? (12)
18. Patty, chopped, served with s-something smoked (6,6)
19. Dollar evens out: one putting icing on the cake (5)
20. Deserves to be shook up about end of March (9)

Which lawyer:

21. Defended Darnay, and found the going choppy?
22. Was ‘ful riche of excellence’?
23. Kept the truth about Jones from Allworthy?
24. Was a vulture to a fox?
25. Opened ‘I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm!’?

Law in the News:

26. Which Norwegian law firm turned its website into a fan page for chess prodigy and male model Magnus Carlsen?
27. Which celebrated French illustrator is attempting to sue his daughter for ‘psychological violence’?
28. In August, who became the first celebrity to win a passing off case related to their image on clothing?
29. Which non-league football club was forced to change its badge design after Tottenham Hotspur complained it was too similar to their crest?
30. A US animal rights group has approached a New York court to recognise a chimpanzee as a legal person. What is the name of the group?
31. In February, Oscar Pistorious was accused of murdering his model girlfriend. What was her name?
32. Which controversial French barrister – known as ‘the Devil’s Advocate’ for his willingness to defend terrorists, war criminals and dictators – passed away in August this year?
33. According to Superbrands 2013, which is the UK’s leading law brand?
34. Which firm won Law Firm of the Year at The British Legal Awards in November?
35. According to recent findings by costs lawyer, Jim Diamond, the hourly rate charged for Magic Circle partners has reached an all-time high. How much has it increased since 2005 – by 25%, 62% or 89%?

Who played:

36. Ally McBeal?
37. Sam Seaborn?
38. Anna Forbes?
39. Harry Venn?
40. Horace Rumpole?

Which messed-up site is:

41. Rips a flawless onion?
42. Sally Wimp?
43. A glottal yell?
44. Bawls Glee joke?
45. Hence anal cry?

Finally, the epilogue asks:

46. On which record label was Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ released?
47. Which Greek philosopher ‘combines a physics based on an atomistic materialism with a rational hedonistic ethics that emphasizes moderation of desires and cultivation of friendships’?
48. What’s the name of the flap at the entrance to the larynx?
49. Which sitcom starred LeBlanc, Mangan and Greig?
50. What is often described as the ‘theory of knowledge’?

Finished? Well done. Help yourself to another glass of sherry.

For everyone else, the answers will be published in the New Year.

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