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February 19, 2014

Is IP the happiest branch of law right now?

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We were down at the Hat and Feathers the other night and that argument raised its head again.

To wit: which is the branch of Law that makes one happiest? An hour or so later, and after some bruising of egos and jawlines, it was decided.

Firstly, we easily disregarded most careers outside of Big Law. (Hanging out with criminals, helping the guilty get off? Not likely. Changing Mrs Wilkins’ will for the umpteenth time, and not working within easy walking distance of a Gaucho Grill? Please.) Then we looked at the obvious contenders, and decided on IP.

Here’s why.

1. IP is a massive growth area. As technology continues to spread into every aspect of our existence, so do IP opportunities. Soon, everything – even your bedside clock – will be connected, and IP lawyers will be picking up even more work arguing over the validity of protecting data relating to the contents of your sock drawer when some dastardly entrepreneur attempts to flog it to Sainsbury’s.

2. IP clients are cool. How else might your portfolio include a music company, a visual artist, a composer or a media baron? (Assuming, of course, that you’re not a drug dealer.)

3. IP is international. Harmonisation of IPRs across territories, increasing connectivity meaning clients need advice in multiple jurisdictions – all this means that today’s IP lawyer need never be without a tan and an impressively well-thumbed passport.

4. Some of the work is very cool. Imagine working on the validity claim around Scrabble tiles. If that story doesn’t entertain at dinner parties, nothing will.

5. IP changes fast. Really fast. Take a day off, and you’re as stale as a sandwich in a boarded-up Woolworths.

6. The IP job market is buzzing. IP lawyers are skipping around firms with all the eagerness of a four-year old after a Haribo binge. So that’s a chance to get more cash, natch.

There are some nice IP jobs on Professionals in Law, by the way.

So, IP makes you happiest. Argument settled. Or did we get this wrong? AB, with thanks to QH


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