Unprofessionals in Law

February 18, 2014

‘Vampire’ catches ‘lawyer who bled clients dry’

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It had all the makings of a feel-good Hollywood courtroom drama.

A top lawyer fights for justice for a defenceless homeless man viciously set on fire by thugs while asleep on a park bench. She secures him €180,000 (£150,000) in compensation – and the chance to enjoy a fresh start in life.

The top lawyer, however, had other ideas. Because according to the Italian police’s so-called Vampire operation, Lidia Gabellini helped herself to the whole payout.

Perhaps she believed that her needs (a luxury car and consumer goods) were far greater than her homeless client’s. Or maybe she just wanted money to burn.

The police allege that Gabellini also stole money from other clients, including a disabled man who was awarded €1,000 after falling off his roof.

Talk about kicking someone when they’re down.

All of this is yet to be proven in court and, according to The Daily Mail, Gabellini’s lawyer has said: ‘She’s not a monster, but a sick woman.’

Stealing from the poor and vulnerable? We can see how he came to that conclusion. SC

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