LSE anthropologist disses corporate law as a waste of time

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According to the American ABA Journal, a London-based academic has questioned whether corporate law is a worthwhile profession.

LSE anthropologist David Graeber has said that law is a ‘bullshit job’ and that the people it employs are ‘salaried paper pushers.’ He favours jobs that are more about ‘actually making, moving, fixing and maintaining things’.

The ABA article continues:

Graeber told PBS that his… article has generated a lot of interest, including from people in the financial services industry. Some are writing blogs to tell their own stories. “There was one I saw in Australia,” he told PBS, “where people were writing things like, it’s true, I’m a corporate lawyer, I contribute nothing to society, I’m miserable all the time, I just do this for my children, otherwise I’d get out. Over and over again, people saying yes, it’s true, my job does nothing.”

Graeber has also been called an ‘Occupy’ academic.

It’s all rubbish of course.

If you need a reminder of why your job as a lawyer really matters, you can find it here. AB

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