Vocation and vacation

June 25, 2014

What does your choice of holiday say about you as a lawyer?

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Summer’s here, and summer days are drifting away to – uh! – those summer nights. But where are you going on holiday? And more pertinently, what does that choice of vacation say about you as a lawyer – and your career prospects? Our handy quiz reveals all.

1. What’s your ideal holiday?

a) Lying by the pool for a fortnight, sipping cocktails

b) Trekking through South America, maybe taking in an Inca settlement or two

c) Going to Ibiza with your mates and getting proper off your face

d) Taking the wife to an adults-only hotel in the English countryside, where you meet up with like-minded individuals

2. What item do you absolutely, positively have to take with you?

a) Sun cream

b) A map and some mosquito repellent

c) A whistle

d) Car keys

3. Who is your ideal holiday companion?

a) Julie from Real Estate. You’ve been bezzie mates for ages

b) Alejandro, a Peruvian guide who can help you negotiate the local customs in Madre de Dios

c) Dave, Andy, Colin, Wayne, Dave, Stu, Rupes and Dave

d) Sandra, 45, 36-24-36

4. What would you like to eat on your holiday?

a) Paella

b) Ceviche

c) Chips

d) Sandra, 45, 36-24-36

5. What are you most likely to write on your holiday?

a) A postcard back to the office

b) An essay on trends in Guatemalan employment law

c) A four-letter word on Dave’s forehead after he’s passed out

d) Your phone number on a bedroom mirror. In lipstick

6. What will you listen to?

a) Robbie Williams

b) The nose flute

c) Daft Punk

d) Barry White

7. Which of these holiday snaps appeal to you most?

8. Finally, which souvenir are you most likely to bring back?

a) A cuddly donkey

b) Some Chulucana pottery

c) An Amnesia bath robe

d) Chlamydia

If you answered mostly…

A: You’re quite normal, if a bit dull. You have a solid career at a solid mid-ranking firm, where you probably work in a sensible practice, such as Employment or Public Law. You’re not in danger of getting dumped any time soon, but then you’re not in danger of making partner, either. You’ll probably end up in-house somewhere, or working as a recruitment consultant in Birmingham.

B: Look, just put down that copy of The Guardian and pay attention, will you? Sometimes you’re so smug, with your ‘couldn’t-possibly-work-for-a-Magic-Circle-firm’ attitude and your insistence on work-life balance and your suit hand-woven from recycled Ecuadorean Guinea-fowl feathers. You’ll definitely progress in your career though, landing your ideal role as Director of Legal Services to Carbon Neutral Knitting cooperatives in Tower Hamlets.

C: What the heck are you doing going to Ibiza at your age? You’re nearly thirty now. Grow up and do something more mature, like brass rubbing in the Dordogne or elephant trekking in the Azores. It’s no wonder you’re still stuck in that provincial Commercial department, photocopying and fetching macchiatos for the clever kids.

D: Congratulations! You have exactly what it takes to be partner at an international law firm. Your tastes exactly coincide with 69% of senior partners, most of whom you’ve probably already met, although you might not have recognised them with their masks on. Go you! AB 

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