The answers, and the winner, to our first summer quiz revealed

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The first thing to say is that WE ALMOST BEAT YOU ALL. MWA HA HA. Only one person got them all right. That was Harry Walker, so he wins. Start planning how to spend the £100 of John Lewis vouchers that are hurtling your way, Mr W (we’ll be in touch soon).

The answers are as follows. (The Quiz is here, if you need reminding.) The Sackers question is the one that foxed most of you, probably because it was pretty unfair.

1. Ashurt

2. Ince & Co

3. Irwin Mitchell

4. Olswang

5. Optima Legal

6. Jeremy Bentham.

7. Atticus Finch/Harper Lee.

8. Lionel Hutz, from The Simpsons.

9. Martin Luther King.

10. William Shakespeare (‘Dick’ in Henry VI, Pt. II).

11. Shoosmiths. (A brake shoe, Delia and Mel Smith)

12. Clifford Chance. (Cliff Richard, a Ford, Chance The Rapper.)

13. White & Case. (Betty White and Jimmy Case.)

14. Sackers. (George Clooney as a serial ‘outplacer’ in Up in the Air, Alan Sugar firing someone in The Apprentice, and Alaric, the Visigoth responsible for a Sack of Rome.)

15. Walker Morris. (A walker and, um, a Morris.)

16. Baker and McKenzie.

17. Allen and Overy.

18. Sir Charles Lupton.

19. Cousins.

20. Sidley Austin, sadly. AB

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