Unprofessionals in Law

November 20, 2014

Missouri lawyer gives up day job to become multiple bank robber

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Come on, you’d do it too. You know you would.

Rather than sitting behind that desk finishing of that cheesy old deal, wouldn’t you like to get yourself a gun, put a mask over your face and go and rob a few banks?

That’s certainly the path followed by Warren J Gladders, an ex-lawyer from St Louis who decided that Mr Cassidy and Mr Sundance were better role models than, say, Mr White and Mr Case.

Mr Gladders has caused something of a flurry in the local press, with plenty of press speculation about why he decided to take the low moral road. ‘He provided no clues at the hearing about what motivated him to go from a privileged upbringing to become an armed robber,’ said the St Louis Post-Dispatch. (Why are American newspaper names so much cooler than our own, btw?)

Anyway, Mr Gladders is now facing 45 years in prison. That’s a bad ROI on a bank robbing career that only netted $55K across three hold-ups. But then there was the unfortunate matter of a shoot-out with a state trooper after the last robbery, when Gladders got shot in the leg and hit the trooper’s (thankfully) bullet-proof vest.

Our resident gagmeister in the corner of the office says that copycats in the UK are most likely to come from Bonnie and Clyde and Co, Ma Baker and McKenzie, Freshfields Bruckhaus Dillinger or Taylor (Smith and) Wesson. Ho, ho. AB

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