The Festive Fifty, 2014

December 18, 2014

It’s Quizmas! 50 questions to try your knowledge, intelligence and patience

Dogs – great Christmas presents. Photo: Shutterstock


It’s back – the Christmas Quiz so scary that even the hardest-nosed litigator hides in the toilet to avoid it. But how well will you do? Answers will be published in the New Year.


Six firms’ names have been designed to look like the logos of other firms. Which firms?







Whose strapline?

7. ‘A law firm built around people’?

8. ‘Changing business’?

9. ‘A law firm with a view’?

10. ‘Distinctive approach’?

Which firm…?

11. Sponsors the National Portrait Gallery’s Photographic Portrait Prize?

12. Is the ‘Official Law Firm’ of Rugby World Cup 2015?

13. Is the Principal Sponsor of the Menier Theatre?

14. Sponsored London 2012?

15. Is a ‘global advisor’ to McLaren Mercedes?

Movie minimalism

Of which films, featuring lawyers, are these the synopses?

16. A lawyer rises above the racism of Depression-era Alabama to defend a crippled black man falsely accused of rape by a white woman

17.  A brash Brooklyn lawyer who only managed to pass the bar exam on his sixth try represents his cousin who was arrested for murder

18. An Ivy-educated gay attorney claims his big-time law firm fired him after discovering he contracted AIDS

19. An eager young attorney tries to prove that his client, Kris Kringle, is the real Santa

20. Paralegal takes on big business in a matter concerning hexavalent chromium

In the news in 2014

21. 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of which charter?

22. Management consultancy firm Janders Dean has created a city law firm version of Monopoly. Which firm takes the coveted Park Lane spot?

23. Facebook is embroiled in a prosecution suit against which Anglo-American multinational law firm?

24. Lawyer Andrew Greene is suing ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ filmmakers on the grounds of mocking his hair loss and portraying him as a cocaine-snorting degenerate. How many millions is he suing them for?

25. Which firm won Law Firm of the Year at The British Legal Awards in November?

26. Which country became the first in the world to legalise euthanasia for terminally ill patients of any age?

27. At the age of 80, Eric Jones became one of the oldest Masters of Law graduates. From which university did he graduate?

28. Allegations that the wife of an unfaithful partner murdered the cat of her husband’s mistress are causing turmoil at which prominent New York law firm?

29. The QC who defended the ‘Beast of Islington’ passed away in October this year. What was his name?

30. ‘The Apprentice’ candidate Felipe Alviar-Baquero worked as a solicitor at which two law firms before his appearance on the BBC programme?

No fixed abodes

The following are locations of the London offices of some big firms, all jumbled up. Which firms?

31. Quips or bashes?

32. Teeters left?

33. Tilts, reeks?

34. Perpetrates bunk?

35. Ill-worn hub?

Which firms, cryptically clued?

36. Love song Hall re-wrote (6,7)

37. Female direction – none out, eight in (10)

38. Miss Jean and Ian, perhaps (7)

39. Will crime thin out? (5,8)

40. Raw beginner drowning in amber nectar (8)

Which law?

Answers are words featuring the letters l-a-w, together and in that order.

41. Has a museum dedicated to it on Shakespeare Street, Southport?

42. Is generally made of finely shredded cabbage?

43. Wrote ‘The Rainbow’ and ‘Women in Love’?

44. Is a clause typically included in employment contracts by financial firms?

45. Is someone who drinks illegally?

Logue jam

Finally, the epilogue asks: which –logue is…

46. A speech, film, or piece of writing about a journey?

47. A poem in a classical style on a pastoral subject?

48. Also known as the Ten Commandments?

49. A student of Chinese?

50. A conversation between two persons?


Compiled by AB & HR

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