Unprofessionals in Law

January 30, 2015

Former senior partner at Shearman & Sterling guilty of crime against art, possibly humanity

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Darryl Snider, a corporate litigation specialist who now runs his own firm, has been launched into a dubious five minutes of fame with the release of a Youtube rap video. Pithily titled “Treat all women with respect”, it is a four minute race to the bottom against William Shatner for the title of “Most Awkward, Elderly and Overweight Rap Artist”.

While none can doubt his pure intentions, his talents as a lyricsmith have been thrown into serious doubt by some of his choicest lines:

“Never hit a woman – or abuse a child

It’s just wrong – and illegal too”

“Men, Women, Kids – take pride and have hope,

 You have a bright future – and that’s the real dope”

And nobody can forget the chorus:

“One, two, three, four,

No more women on the floor!”

Classy stuff. Darryl is now seeking Kickstarter funds for a follow up video entitled “What on earth is happening?”, also on the theme of domestic violence. Sadly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, there have only been two backers for a total of $350, a bit shy of the proposed $25,000 target.

While there is something disturbingly compelling about seeing the leather bound, backwards baseball capped litigation expert wobble from side to side while laying down verbal smackdowns on the issue of violence against women, we suspect that this won’t be the song that launches his rap career. JL

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