How CSR are you?

May 7, 2015

Lawyers need to love the planet, and that. Do you?

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CSR – it’s every law firm’s favourite three letters. (Apart from PEP, obviously.) Everywhere we look, firms are agonising over social mobility, paper-free offices and bees. But just how much have you caught the CSR bug? Our quiz will reveal all.

1. Which political party do you support?

a. Conservatives

b. Labour

c. Green

2. Which newspaper do you buy every morning?

a. The Telegraph – you like the feel of a big broadsheet in the morning

b. The ‘i’ – it’s compact and feels less wasteful

c. The Guardian, but never the print edition. You view it online on your eco-tablet made of reconstituted mung beans

3. Where do you live?

a. A mansion with a humongous heating bill

b. A well-insulated semi in suburbia

c. A yurt on the outskirts of Greenham Common

4. Your last bonus was £20K. What did you spend it on?

a. A Hummer, flown over from the US

b. A Toyota Prius

c. One week’s Abel & Cole delivery

5. You have a rare night off work. What do you do?

a. Fly to your favourite New York restaurant in the Senior Partner’s private jet, and eat some veal

b. Cycle along to the local support group to help some kids with their CVs

c. Stay at home, weeping over what we’ve done to the poor dolphins

6. Where do you get most of your food?

a. Harrods

b. Planet Organic

c. The goat and free-range chickens in what used to be your back garden

7. You’re changing firms. How important is the CSR policy to your decision?

a. Frankly, not at all

b. Somewhat – you like to think your employer is doing its bit

c. Vital – if the receptionist isn’t wearing a Mayan faja, you’re not going through with the interview

8. On which of the following are you most likely to have a secret crush?




9. Finally, do you find the concept of recycled toilet paper inherently funny?

a. Yes

b. No

c. How dare you? The Quiandeua rainforest won’t replenish itself, you know


How did you do?

Mostly As

Oh dear. You’re not CSR at all. We suggest you download ‘We are the World’ and listen to it on repeat in your big SUV. Children are our future, you know

Mostly Bs

Not bad. Sounds like you’re pretty CSR without going overboard. Maybe you could work on improving matters by buying a tote bag to carry all your sheaves of paper around

Mostly Cs

Well done! You are proper CSR. Go and tell your Managing Partner how great you are – but mind you don’t get your halo caught in your alpaca beanie. AB

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