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Eversheds and Everlast Sheds have much in common — for one they have fingers in many pies. Eversheds practice in areas all over, from antitrust to shipping, while Everlast Sheds run the whole gamut of shed technology – vinyl sheds, wood sheds, to sheds that are garages in disguise.

Both share the same keen eye for detail and are attentive to their clients’ every need. Eversheds “understand their objectives and support them in obtaining the results that they need, within timescale and to budget.” The same is true for Everlast Sheds. Your shed is built to your specification and budget – height, depth, width, material, and every optional extra you could dream of: decorative shutters, flower boxes, roof felting.

Perhaps you think that these links are tenuous, spurious even. But there’s one thing that nobody can deny, and that’s that law firms, like sheds, are excellent places to keep tools. JL

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